Welcome to the 2nd Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit

With the first in-person gene therapy clinical trial commencing in early 2022, the inner ear disorders field is booming with excitement, not to mention pharma sparking an interest with increasing investment into these pipelines in the race to successfully reverse hearing damage.

The 2nd Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit is the only industry forum to unite drug developers focusing on preventative and regenerative approaches targeting the inner ear. We'll debate:

  • Different Modalities Including Small Molecule, Stem Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Future Directions of the Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Space
  • Combination Strategies for Drugs & Devices
  • Successfully Identifying New Targets of the Inner Ear
  • Accurately Monitoring Hearing Loss Progress & Functional Improvement
  • Optimizing Preclinical Models of Hearing & Balance Disorders
  • The Latest Clinical Updates & Novel Translatable Research of the Inner Ear

Over 100 drug developers from the likes of Otonomy, Harvard Medical School, Frequency Therapeutics, Astellas, Sensorion, Sound Pharmaceuticals and Decibel Therapeutics came together at this 4-day disease-agnostic, modality-agnostic event designed specifically for industry-based experts in inner ear disorders to successfully translate their therapeutics into the clinic.

2022 Speakers Included:

The Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit provides an outstanding opportunity for clinicians, scientists, and biotech companies to jointly discuss not only the challenges that have slowed the development of inner ear medications but also the potential solutions.

Colleen Le Prell, Professor of Hearing Science, Chair, Department of Speech, Language & Hearing, University of Texas – 2022 Speaker

Who Attended in 2022?:

2nd Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit 2022 Attendees

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