About Event

Welcome to Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit 2022:
The Only Industry-Focused Meeting for Inner Ear Therapeutic Development

2022 sessions included:

  • Evaluating current clinical endpoints, defining alternatives and reducing the risk of clinical setbacks with UCL, Cochlear, Macquarie University, University of Nottingham and special guests in our workshop day
  • Debating the clinical applicability of different modalities including small molecule, stem cell, and gene therapy with Frequency Therapeutics, AudioCure, Rinri Therapeutics and ask your questions to apply to your development programs
  • Breaking the dogma of drug delivery to the inner ear and discuss the future of drug delivery systems with Columbia University and Draper Laboratories to explore how microfluidics and other novel technologies can be used to administer your therapeutic locally with enhanced tolerability and reduced patient burden
  • Understanding the latest data and research in gene therapy approaches for inner ear disorders with Regeneron, Sensorion, and Otonomy and come away with a robust understanding of the current status and future directions of gene therapies moving forward
  • Understanding how the industry is meeting its drug development milestones with our KOL studded c-suite panel with Frequency Therapeutics, Decibel Therapeutics, Otonomy, and Harvard Medical school, to gain actionable insights to streamline your development pipeline

“Despite recent advances in the development of new therapeutics for hearing loss, significant roadblocks remain. Now more than ever the field needs to come together at events such as these to define a better path forward to delivering new treatments.”

Denise Goldman, Vice President, Cochlear Ltd – 2022 Speaker