Speaker Testimonials

‘I look forward to sharing perspectives on clinical endpoints and patient populations in early clinical development targeting inner ear disorders’ Stephen Huhn, Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, Pipeline Therapeutics


‘From a therapeutics perspective, the inner ear field is young and lacking standards, validated models and reference drugs. A professional forum for exchange and discussion on the industry level can greatly help drive the field forward’ Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen, Chief Development Officer, Acousia Therapeutics  


‘This meeting provides an opportunity for the community of innovators working on new medicines development for hearing therapeutics to come together and engage in shared learning towards advancing the field as a whole’ Ralph Holme, Executive Director of Research, RNID


'Great to have an industry-focused conference highlighting the broad set of development activities across multiple developers' Alan Foster, Vice President of Research, Otonomy


‘There are exciting candidates moving in and through the clinic right now. It’s important for innovators in the field to come together and discuss this translation of cutting-edge science into transformational medicines for patients’ Jonathon Whitton, Vice President of Clinical Research, Decibel Therapeutics


‘It is very important to identify the gaps, and discuss future directions to drive innovative research towards a cure against age related hearing loss’ Michael Franti, Director & Head of Regeneration Medicine, Boehringer Ingelheim