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With over 40+ expert speakers, 25+ dedicated sessions, 3 workshops and a Gene Therapy Focus Day this is the only opportunity for drug developers to learn how to identify clinically relevant targets and understand how to improve delivery of therapeutics to the inner ear and more.

Join our speakers from Decibel Therapeutics, Cochlear, Frequency Therapeutics, Astellas, Sound Pharmaceuticals and more with exciting networking opportunities, panel discussions and dedicated case studies.

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Learn how the industry is identifying clinically validated endpoints for improved evaluation of treatment efficacy

Join expert speakers, including:
Macquarie University
University College London

Uncover real life case studies emerging biologics & small molecule therapies in otology to overcome hearing loss

Join expert speakers, including:
Pipeline Therapeutics
Audiocure Pharma
Frequency Therapeutics
Acousia Therapeutics

Evaluate the lessons learned from clinical trials to enlighten your own drug development for inner ear therapeutics

Join expert speakers, including:
Sound Pharmaceuticals
Pipeline Therapeutics