2021 Partners



Innovation Partner

CILcare is the world-leading R&D services company specialized in hearing disorders. Based in Montpellier, Boston, Paris, and Copenhagen, CILcare has become the one-stop partner for pharmaceutical industries, biotechs and medtechs developing novel therapies for people with ear disorders. CILcare designs and performs pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and GLP ototoxicity studies to assess drugs, medical devices, cell & gene therapies, on hearing loss, tinnitus, ototoxicity, and otitis.


ENT clinical

ENT Clinical

Innovation Partner

ENT Clinical is the academic clinical research organisation with the know-how and expertise to support your clinical development program in the hearing field. We do so by combining our clinical expertise and operational quality with specialist knowledge of the translational and patient pathways in hearing disorders, resulting in credible, creative, cost-effective solutions for clinical trials. ENT Clinical is embedded within Julius Clinical, an international science CRO with a long tradition of academic and operational excellence.



Turner Scientific

Exhibition Partner

Turner Scientific is a leading preclinical CRO specializing in hearing disorders. We offer a wide variety of animal models, surgical and non-surgical drug administration routes, behavioral hearing and tinnitus testing, electrophysiology assessments, explant studies, and histologic analyses to measure efficacy and ototoxicity. Our sponsors are biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in need of complex, customized, and novel GLP or non-GLP otic studies – at a level of scientific rigor and experience that only Turner Scientific can provide.