Pre-Conference Workshops
Tuesday, May 25


The Role of Collaboration in Accelerating Patient Focused Hearing Therapeutic Development (Organized by the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate)
10.00am-12.00pm (EDT) | 7.00am-9.00am (PDT)

This workshop will provide the opportunity to share perspectives on progress and challenges in the identification and development of innovative drugs for hearing disorders. Participants will review the global hearing therapeutic pipeline for hearing disorders and explore the current challenges in hearing drug discovery and translation. They will hear from eminent speakers and share their perspectives in an interactive session where specific topics will be addressed. By the end of the session, participants will have learnt more about what we need to do now in order to prepare for the future and identified key themes on which we can work together collaboratively to achieve greater innovation and impact for people with hearing disorders.

Join this Interactive Session to:
• Review the global hearing therapeutic pipeline- progress and challenges
• Explore knowledge and tool gaps in supporting effective clinical trials
• Discuss needs in hearing-specific preclinical models
• Determine key hurdles in drug delivery to the inner ear
• Examine where novel targets for hearing disorders will come from
• Determine data and insight needs for compelling health-economic models, reimbursement strategies and value stories for hearing therapeutics
• Identify areas for precompetitive collaboration

Workshop Leaders:

Ralph Holme

Ralph Holme

Executive Director of Research


Beverley Isherwood

Beverley Isherwood

Programme Manager

Medicines Discovery Catapult


Capitalizing on Learnings from the Eye Space to Inform on Inner Ear Therapeutics Translation

1.00pm-3.00pm (EDT) | 10.00am-12.00pm (PDT)

The biopharmaceutical industry once neglected the back of the eye as an area of therapeutic promise and financial investment. Now, the retinal disease market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, attracting the attention of some of world’s leading pharma companies. For many, the ear is seen as the new eye, and as such, understanding how to overcome translational barriers, as well as hearing how to develop safe, non-toxic therapeutics to obtain regulatory approval, may have significant relevance for those developing therapeutics for hearing loss.

Join this Interactive Session to:
• Discover how the inner ear therapeutics world can learn from successful translation of gene therapy in eye disorders
• Understand the learnings from preclinical modeling of eye disorders
• Uncover the cross-learning opportunity and significant milestones on the regulatory side
• Discover how the eye field deal with toxicity and safety issues to gain regulatory approval for clinical trials
• Understand the specific vectors that the eye industry employing in the gene therapy space and how these could these translate to treat inner ear disorders

Workshop Leaders

Abraham Scaria.jpg

Abraham Scaria

Chief Scientific Officer

Iveric Bio

Reimar Schlingensiepen

Reimar Schlingensiepen

Chief Executive Officer

AudioCure Pharma