Pre-Conference Workshop Day
Monday June 20, 2022


Identifying Clinically Validated Endpoints for Improved Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy

The identification of precise and accurate clinical endpoints in patients is necessary to improve the evaluation of treatment efficiency in humans. This workshop will provide an in-depth evaluation of the endpoints currently being used and why, including speech recognition, ABR etc. and novel endpoints currently being investigated in clinic. 

Workshop Leaders:

David McAlpine (1)

David McAlpine
Academic Director, Professor of Hearing,
Language and the Brain

Macquarie University


Anne Schilder

Anne GM Schilder
Professor of Otolaryngology,
Ear Institute

University College London


Denise Goldman

Denise Goldman
Vice President, Global Head of
Biosciences and Hearing Drug Solutions

Cochlear Ltd



A Novel Collaboration: Cochlear Implant Device/Drug Combination


Does the future of hearing solutions bear in hybrid technologies? A novel approach to improving hearing outcomes for patients is to combine therapeutics with cochlear implants. It is known that local drug application to the inner ear offers several advantages over systemic delivery. This workshop will showcase the latest preclinical and clinical data highlighting the advantages of this approach as a novel therapeutic modality. This workshop will also cover the regulatory landscape for such drug/device combinations.

Workshop Leaders:

Gary H

Gary Housley
Professor & Chair of Physiology,
Director – Translational Neuroscience
School of Medical Sciences, UNSW



Marcelo Rivolta
Chief Scientific Officer 
Rinri Therapeutics




Suhrud Rajguru
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Otolaryngology
University of Miami 



Drug Delivery in the Inner Ear – Breaking the Dogma


Effective and safe treatment of auditory and vestibular diseases has become increasingly dependent on inner ear drug delivery systems. Recent advances in inner ear therapeutics have seen the rise of novel delivery mechanisms such as microneedle and microfluidic technologies and more.

In this workshop our speakers will showcase
• The future of drug delivery systems aimed at reducing treatment burden
• Improving outcomes of patients with inner ear diseases

Workshop Leaders:


Anil Lalwani
Professor, Dept Otolaryngology-HNS,
Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons
Columbia University




Jeff B (Draper)

Jeffrey Borenstein
Group Lead




Jeffrey (Columbia Uni)

Jeffrey Kysar
Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Fu
Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science
Columbia University